Who We Are

Who are we?

Word Of Life International Ministries was started in November 1990 in the living room of Dr and Mrs Shana. The number in attendance on that first day was an astounding 4 people! This was made up of Dr and Mrs Shana, their two year old daughter Nicolle and their housekeeper.

By the grace of God this number has since grown to over 6,000 members in the founding city of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe and over 10,000 members all over the world in 35 Word Of Life International Churches and still growing.



We believe that God never intended for mankind to live in a world filled with so much uncertainty, fear, evil and suffering (Genesis 1 : 26-31, John10: 10)

We believe that the worsening conditions of life on earth is the result of the condition of man’s heart and soul, and when mankind lives without aconnection to God he lives without a moral and reliable compass to life (John 3 : 19, Jer 17 : 9). There is no doubt that the world mankind lives in, the world he has created for himself is a troubled world; full of wars and conflict, poverty and suffering, crime, drugs, human trafficking and other forms of suffering (Rom 1 : 18 – 31).

We believe that the depravity of the heart and the soul of mankind is a result of his rebellion against God (John 3 : 19).

We believe that because of this rebellion against God, the entire humanrace is lost in selfishness , wickedness and slavery to evil ,and can onlylive a life of true freedom , peace and fullness by returning to God and believing and receiving Jesus Christ as the way,the truth and the life.(Romans 5:12, 1 Peter 1:19, 20 Romans 10:9, Ephesians 2:8, 9, Titus 3:5)

We believe that only the transforming grace and power of God throughthe Lord Jesus Christ can save and change the heart and soul of mankind(1Tim 1 : 15, Luke 19 : 10, Acts 2 : 21).

We believe that God loved mankind so much, even though mankind had rebelled, that God offered Himself through His Son Jesus Christ to pay the ultimate price to bring man-kind back to God and give him a chance for a new beginning,a new life (John 3: 16, Rom 5 : 1-11, 2 Cor 5 : 19) .

We believe that like many others in this Church and in the world, you too can experience this life, the God kind of life (John 10:10). A life filled with certainty in an uncertain world, a life filled with peace in a troubled and fear-filled world (John 16 : 33). A life filled with love in a world tormented by hate and pain (2 Tim 1 : 7, Eph 3 : 19). A life full of purpose and meaning in a world that promises so much but delivers nothing but loneliness, emptiness and suffering (2 Peter 2 : 19, 2 Tim 1 : 9, Eph 1 : 9– 11, Rom 8 : 28).

We believe that you will choose life as God intended it to be and you will grow in this life through reading God’s Word, talking to Him in prayer and becoming stronger as you join the family of believers.
 We believe that you will embrace this life in fullness everywhere

At Word of Life International we believe every member of the church must affect the sphere of the community that they live in, work in and interact with. Every person has a community and a world that the pulpit cannot effectively reach. Every person has a community and a sphere in that community that they could be the only and the best minister of the gospel available to it. Every sphere of every community deserves and needs an effective witness and demonstration of the gospel The Lord Jesus Christ said “Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every person” (Mk 16:15)

Word Of Life International Ministries believes that every member of the church has a God given responsibility of taking the whole gospel to the whole world one individual and one community at a time.