At Word of Life, we minister to the whole person, Spirit, Soul and Body. The following ministry departments help us utilise the different callings and giftings in achieving our mission. Have you found a department you feel called to? A leader in your local branch can assist you with more information.  You are however encouraged to belong to a sector department according to your age, gender or marital status.

Service Ministry Departments

Children's church

To create an atmosphere of love, excitement, creativity and learning so as to develop a child With biblical principles and a Godly character.


Helping new converts to understand, possess and maintain their salvation, healing and victory in Christ Jesus


Creating the required atmosphere for ministry through excellent, skillful and creative Deco.

Evangelism and Discipleship

Proclaiming the good news of the kingdom by bringing salvation, freedom and healing, and producing a disciple full of faith, confidence and boldness with a passion for souls.


Ministering to and develop a new believer in the word until they reach a place of maturity.


Creating an atmosphere of love, liberty and learning so that people can find a place to belong and grow in knowledge, fellowship and service


Creating an atmosphere of welcome, excellence order and control, so that the Holy Spirit is not hindered in His purpose


Demonstrating the love of Christ by assisting , strengthening and caring of those members of our community that are sick, disadvantaged or bereaved.

Lifetime Media

Affecting the community for Christ through creative, innovative, professional use of media production, packaging, profiling and promotion

Music Ministry

Creating an atmosphere of unity, liberty and God consciousness so that the purpose, personality and power of God is revealed.

New Life Series

Establishing a believer in his relationship with God and make him an effective minister in the church

Public Service

Creating an atmosphere of unity, liberty and God consciousness so that the purpose, personality and power of God is revealed.

School of Ministry

Equiping the saints for the work of the ministry so that the body of christ is edified

Tech Hub

Providing effective technological solutions so that the vision of Word of Life is accomplished.


Ministering to the whole body of Word of Life by creating an atmosphere of welcome, excellence, order and control so that the Holy Spirit is not hindered in his purpose.

Sector Ministry Departments

Family Life

Providing practical assistance and godly counsel to married couples and those intending to get married.


Building up a young person of security, confidence, self-worth and maturity in an atmosphere of love, excitement, achievement and direction.

Ladies Ministry

Making a complete woman of god full of faith, wisdom and love, having an intimacy with God through the word and prayer.

Real Men

Developing a REAL man

Young Adults Fellowship

Developing a young adult of clear spiritual direction, healthy self-image and strong social responsibility