Key Result Areas

Growth in Number

“Growth, fruitfulness and increase are God’s desire, design, blessing and reward for His creation, the Church and humankind.”

Genesis 1 : 1 – 28


 The Growth in Quality Leadership

The growth and quality of a Church is defined by its leadership.The quality of leadership at every level defines, developes and deploys the impact and destiny of the church.

 Growth in Church Systems

“Good leadership, sound organisation,responsible and responsive ministry will make us effective in Serving God,Serving People and Serving Destiny”

 Growth in National & International Impact

“We will develop methods, models and quality of ministry that will provide answers and exemplary models at local, national and international levels. We will act locally and think globally."





Growth in Resources

“As God’s faithful stewards, we will be excellent at attracting, growing and managing all resources necessary for building the Kingdom of God and its impact in the world.”